What affiliate networks do we use, what affiliates should you use?

Well that depends. The correct affiliate or affiliates to use is largely something that you will figure out as you go. There are some things to keep in mind. Unlike mainstream websites you can not use Google Adsense to generate income. You will need to find a few Adult Ad Networks to work with. Below we will list the ones we work with as well as any side notes that you may want to know about.

1. JuicyAds There is a reason these guys are listed 1st. We started out with a few other options first. But time and time again we get the best revenue from JuicyAds. When we first started out as you can imagine, we had 1 site and it was a test. Lets see if this thing works. Well we made $0.01c on the first day, big deal right, but once our site started getting some traction we saw $0.07c then $0.11c etc. You have no idea how excited you are waiting for that first $1 I know it sounds insane. You have to set small goals as you move, it is exceptionally unlikely that you will crack $100 in your first month, you will start off with maybe a few hundred impressions a day, but it will build, and as it does so does the revenue. What is great about JuicyAds is when you start building impressions and revenue you earn  more and more. Check them out, its worth your time. And don’t forget to use their PopUnders, these generally site at about $1.10 per 1000 impressions (eCPM) Its not a lot, but it adds up. As you build content and impressions, start looking at building other sites, add them to your network, 10 sites with 1000 PopUnder impressions each and say 10000 banner impressions per day will make you about $20 per day. That’s not where it ends, keep on reading

2. Sextronix These guys offer payments on signups, either a once off, or revenue share. Sextronix have a lot of sites, some paid, some free, for instance totally free, for life, and you could earn up to $40 per sign up. Or how about on a Revenue Share, you get up to 70% of the monthly fee.  They also offer PopUnders and free content for picture galleries and your sites. One thing about a PPS or Pay per signup, is that you don’t get these everyday, add a few banner adverts to your sites, but keep it simple, when your site is doing well with lots of traffic, then you should start seeing revenue on signups. You may get lucky early. But PPS is a war off attrition its a numbers game, you need the numbers.

3. ManicaMoney They have some fantastic sites, like and As with Sextronix this is a numbers game, the more eyes on your page the more chance you have of getting signups, ManicaMoney also offer a Revenue Share of up to 70% or a once off signup of 25.